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Table 2 Reasons for EEoC about publications (n = 97a) (August 2014–August 2016)

From: Concern noted: a descriptive study of editorial expressions of concern in PubMed and PubMed Central

Reason n (%)
Validity of data, methods, or interpretation 66 (68)
Allegations or findings of research misconduct 11 (11)
Disputes concerning authorship or data ownership 8 (8)
Overlapping text or duplicate publication 7 (7)
Unspecified 5 (5)
  1. aEEoCs which could not be coded are excluded (n = 2). Multiple reasons were coded for 3 EEoCs. Here each publication is assigned to a single category. The order of descending precedence was as follows: research misconduct, validity, authorship/ownership, text overlap/duplication