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Table 3 Reviewer rating scores across editorial decisionsa

From: Reported use of reporting guidelines among JNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute authors, editorial outcomes, and reviewer ratings related to adherence to guidelines and clarity of presentation

Editorial decision Adherence to reporting guidelines Clarity of presentation
Reviewer rating score, mean (SD) P Reviewer rating score, mean (SD) P
Rejected after peer review 2.9 (1.57)   3.1 (1.08)  
Not rejected after peer review 3.2 (1.61) .005 3.6 (1.00) < .001
  1. aReviewer rating, score: not applicable, 0; fair, 1; poor, 2; good, 3; very good, 4; and outstanding, 5. P values were calculated using a two-sided paired t test