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Table 1 Overview of academic researchers from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC location VUmc per focus group

From: Researchers’ perceptions of research misbehaviours: a mixed methods study among academic researchers in Amsterdam

Academic rankDisciplinary fielda
 BiomedicineNatural sciencesSocial sciencesHumanities
PhD students5 (5)4 (0)E4 (3)E6 (5)E
Postdocs and assistant professors5 (4)3 (0)7 (3)E5 (5)E
Associate and full professors4 (0)4 (0)4 (1)E7 (3)E
Total14 (9)11 (0)13 (7)18 (13)
  1. aIn brackets is the number of female researchers
  2. E Denotes focus groups that were conducted in English