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Table 4 Associations between funding outcome and a positive response to the questions on the acceptability of randomisation

From: The acceptability of using a lottery to allocate research funding: a survey of applicants

Question number and textFunded by lottery
n / N
Not funded by lottery
n / N
Declined by panel
n / N
p value
Q2. Do you think the randomisation process is an acceptable method of allocating Explorer Grant funds?18 / 23
3 / 5
21 / 48
Q3. Do you think a randomisation process would be an acceptable method for the allocation of funding for other grant types?13 / 23
0 / 5
12 / 48
  1. Cells are the number of positive responses / total number of responses, and the percent of positive responses. Surveys from applicants in 2013 to 2018 (N = 76). The last column is the p value from a permutation test of the independence between funding outcome and positive response to the questions.