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Table 1 Basic information on the most advertised drugs and drug groups

From: Cross-sectional study of medical advertisements in a national general medical journal: evidence, cost, and safe use of advertised versus comparative drugs

Advertised drug (n advertisements) Brand name EMA authorisationa Marketing holderb
Drug groups
Beta2-agonist + steroid inhalations (28)
 Vilanterol + fluticasone furoate (11) Relvar Ellipta Nov 2013 GlaxoSmithKline
 Formoterol + budesonide (9) DuoResp Spiromax April 2014 Teva Pharma
 Formoterol + fluticasone propionate (8) Flutiform June 2012 Norpharma
Beta2-agonist + anticholinergic agents (26)
 Olodaterol + tiotropium (18) Spiolto Respimat N/Ac Boehringer Ingelheim
 Vilanterol + umeclidinium (5) Anoro Ellipta May 2014 GlaxoSmithKline
 Formoterol + aclidinium bromide (3) Duaklir Genuair Nov 2014 Astra Zeneca
ADHD medications (16)
 Lisdexamfetamine (12) Aduvanz N/Ac Shire Pharmaceuticals
 Atomoxetine (4) Strattera N/Ac Eli Lilly
New oral anticoagulants (6)
 Rivaroxaban (4) Xarelto June 2013 Bayer
 Dabigatran (2) Pradaxa Aug 2011 Boehringer Ingelheim
Single drugs
 Paracetamol modified-release (15) Panodil 665 N/Ac GlaxoSmithKline
 Vortioxetine (8) Brintellix Dec 2013 Lundbeck
 Aripiprazole intramuscular depot (7) Abilify Maintena Nov 2013 Otsuka/Lundbeck
 Pneumococcal vaccine (6) Prevenar 13 Jan 2010 Pfizer
 Canagliflozin (6) Invokana Nov 2013 Janssen-Cilag
  1. aWe used the EMA year of approval as a proxy for regulatory approval in Denmark. bThe marketing holder is the pharmaceutical company that also sponsors the advertisements. cWe where not able to find relevant information on the EMA website. These drugs were likely approved through decentralised procedures, which means that a European national drug regulator authorised the drug and not EMA