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Table 2 Interpretation of strength of agreement for intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) and kappa statistics adapted from [24, 33]

From: Evaluating implementation of the Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) guidelines: the TRUST process for rating journal policies, procedures, and practices

Value Kappa ICC
≤0.00 Poor Poor
0.01–0.10 Slight Poor
0.11–0.20 Slight Poor
0.21–0.30 Fair Poor
0.31–0.40 Fair Poor
0.41–0.50 Moderate Poor
0.51–0.60 Moderate Moderate
0.61–0.70 Substantial Moderate
0.71–0.80 Substantial Good
0.81–0.90 Almost perfect Good
0.91–1.00 Almost perfect Excellent