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Table 6 Perceived usefulness of the interventions

From: Individual versus general structured feedback to improve agreement in grant peer review: a randomized controlled trial

  General feedback group (n = 15) Individual feedback group (n = 18) p
“To what degree did you find the feedback you received useful?”, mean score (scale 1–5)a 3,5 ± 0,74 3,7 ± 0,75 .442
“If you were offered this feedback next time, would you want it?”, number of “yes”/“no”/“I don’t know” 12/1/2 17/0/1 .382
  1. aThe question was answered on a five-point Likert scale (To a very small degree, To a small degree, To some degree, To a large degree or To a very large degree) and coded from 1 (To a small degree) to 5 (To a very large degree)