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Table 1 Authorship and Publication agenda

From: Designing integrated research integrity training: authorship, publication, and peer review

# Item Method of delivery
1 Welcome, overview, etc. Narrator introduction
2 Develop a data management plan Lightning talk
3 Get an ORCID iD Lightning talk
4 Agree authorship Lightning talk
5 Academics discussing authorship Video (short interview clips)
6 Shortlisting journals Lightning talk
7 Open access 101 Lightning talk
8 Writing tips Video (short interview clips)
9 Originality and plagiarism Lightning talk
10 Report COIs and acknowledge grants Video (animated)
11 Do you still need a cover letter? Lightning talk
12 Respond to peer review Video (animated)
13 Review the publishing agreement Lightning talk
14 Deposit manuscript at QUT ePrints Lightning talk
15 What happens after publication? Lightning talk
16 Promote your work Lightning talk
17 Questions Open discussion