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Table 1 Article topics published within the areas of research and publication ethics, research reporting and peer review

From: Research Integrity and Peer Review—past highlights and future directions

Journal section Subject area (reference number in brackets)
Research and publication ethics Conflicts of interest disclosure [12]
Guidelines on research integrity [9]
Costs of ethical review [7]
Citation bias [14, 15]
Plagiarism [18]
Research misbehaviours [10]
Text recycling [16, 17]
Reasons for retractions [19]
Uses of expressions of concern [20]
Research ethics review [8]
Research funding [6]
Author contributions [13]
Author perceptions of publishing [11]
Research reporting Reporting on sex and gender [24, 25]
Standards of reporting [21,22,23]
Data sharing [29, 30]
Trial registration [27, 28]
Readers perceptions on research [31]
Factors associated with online media attention of research articles [32]
Peer review Training in peer review [34, 35]
Reviewer recruitment [37, 38]
Mentoring in peer review [36]
Views on peer review models [39]
Peer review of grant proposals [33]
Of general relevance Proceedings of the 4th World Conference on Research Integrity [42]
Proceedings from the IV Brazilian Meeting on Research Integrity, Science and Publication Ethics [43]