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Table 2 Scope and outcomes of investigations undertaken by four academic institutions

From: Quality of reports of investigations of research integrity by academic institutions

1a 2c 3 4
Investigations by academic institutions
 Scope 38 papers, first author primary respondent 7 papers, first author primary respondent Uncertain 5 papers, first author primary respondent
 Employees investigated, N Uncertain 1 Uncertain Uncertain
 Date of report 17 November 2017 23 August 2018 Not available 30 May 2018
 Decisions Research misconduct primary respondent
No research misconduct other employees associated with investigated papers
No misconduct Not available Duplicate reporting present
‘Concerns about integrity of research well-justified’
 Recommendations Retraction of 14 papers, 7 of which were already retracted. Remaining 24 papers, no clear evidence of fraud Retraction of 2 papers, to be actioned by primary respondent. Noted 1 existing retraction, overlooked another. Not available No action
 Report publicly available Yesb No Not applicable No
 Subsequent response from our group Raised specific concerns about 18 papers for which the investigation could not determine integrity Reiterated concerns about > 100 papers Not applicable Concerns not addressed or resolved for any publication
 Current status Further investigation commenced Uncertain Ongoing Further investigation commenced
  1. aPreliminary investigation November 2016–January 2017, full investigation commenced March 2017
  2. bJapanese language only
  3. cEarlier investigation March 2016–January 2017