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Table 2 Responsible conduct of research training. Percent agreement about whether the person found responsible for committing research misconduct had received one or more forms of responsible conduct of research (RCR) training. Respondents were not included in the calculated percentages if they noted that they did not remember (or did not know about) a particular item or that it was not applicable

From: Survey study of research integrity officers’ perceptions of research practices associated with instances of research misconduct

  Agree or Strongly Agree (n of N, %) Don’t remember (n) Not applicable (n) No answer (n)
… received adequate mentoring in the responsible conduct of research. 8 of 20, 40% 3 0 1
[took] one or more in person courses in responsible conduct of research. 9 of 14, 64% 9 0 1
[took] one or more online courses in responsible conduct of research (e.g., CITI). 6 of 12, 50% 11 0 1